Why Custom Dies?

For several years, imaginative business owners have desired to introduce their ideas into the crafting market. Dies Direct developed a cost-effective program for businesses large and small, to do so. This program has helped many companies grow while benefiting the industry with many new designs to choose from. Even small orders may now be processed to match stamps or simply create a new die design embellishment.

The key element to this program is to remove risk by keeping inventories at a minimum. Excessive inventory is a business-killer. Your cash flow needs to be working and not on a shelf gathering dust. You may grow your die business as fast as you wish without financial risk. Dies Direct is the factory. By working with the factory itself, you have direct contact with our graphic technicians who will guide you through the process.

Factory-direct gives you fast turnaround times which helps you fill over-sold items or simply bring out a new idea before it fades. Our response time is unparalleled. With virgin metals and environmentally safe materials, there is no risk of mixed inferior metals or questionable coatings that could be harmful to your customers. Your designs are your own exclusive design and remain so.

We will not bind you to any contracts, either. If we don’t do work up to your expectations,We don’t deserve your business. It’s that simple.

How To Begin:

We need a graphic file to work with. The important format needed is what is called a “vector” file. Vector files have precise measurements and allow our technicians to fine tune the drawings into a die line that cuts. We are staffed with a group of technicians that work directly with you.  There is no need to be a graphic techie. We help you with that aspect since we’ve done thousands of design adjustments.

There are several programs using vector files. Some of the more popular ones are Adobe or Corel Draw. EPS files are also vector files that can be adjusted. Once the graphic design is finished, you are  sent a proof of what it will look like. Once approved, we nest the images onto master films for production. We start  an Excel spreadsheet with you catalogue number reference, description and yield per sheet.  Once yields are calculated for you, simply divide the yield into the price of a sheet of material for unit pricing. One design or a group of designs sold together is the best  format since there is no knowing how many dies of each design will be required  when you order. Since we charge by the sheet of material, you may mix quantities  of designs to suit your needs.

You may also combine designs for quantity price breaks. Even a two sheet minimum order will be profitable for itself upon sale.

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Types of Dies:

For rubber stamps and clear stamp users, shapes are usually used. The shaped die is customized to the shape of your die, not someone else’s design. making your die unique. This type of die can have a registration mark on the outside of the die for creating a template to place a die onto an imaged piece of craft paper. We now have open-faced dies that allow crafters to visually place the die onto an image to align it with the image.

For paper crafting, there are several choices of die formats. Not only may an outline shape be created but you may also have internal die cuts. You may also create dies within dies to use the unused area of a design element such as a frame. Since you are charged for an area on a sheet, it’s worth consideration to have dies within another design for added value and lower costs per unit. Nested die formats are the most profitable element of die offerings. Embossing, pierce and stitch lines may also be added to designs for special effects.

images dies direct

Present your Product:

How to present your new product – what you need to do in marketing Many companies have a website for uploading images. This is critical for maximum exposure  of your product. You design is what sells. You are able to “test the waters” with a design. If it’s popular you may simply order more and receive them quickly.

Begin a Design Team:

Most Design Team members have blogs. Develop your own social media vehicle to spread the word. Projects done by Design Teams illustrate how your design may be used and people will order upon viewing. Simple steps on how to duplicate help your customers immensely.

Build a Library:

A library is a collection of designs that is constantly being added to or drawn from. Avoid the panic of needing new designs done quickly. Stay ahead of your releases with a library of future releases and make late additions as needed.

Test Your Product:

Sit down and cut some paper with your new dies. Play with them. Look for ways to develop alternative designs. You need to be an expert with your own designs to help customers. It’s a lot of fun to craft just like your customers do.

Listen to Your Customers:

Develop a wish list. Customers are a great source of ideas. Since they buy your products, consider suggestions as designs that the greater market of paper crafters may want. You can always try out a design with little risk. If popular, then order more. If you get a slow mover, drop it and design others.


Dies Direct ships you product that is ready for packaging. Contact GT Bags for a variety of clear packages that are quite inexpensive. Clear bags also allow customers to see the product so that there are no surprises or disappointments. For labels, try “Online Labels.com”. There are thousands of pre-cut label sheets set up for printing with a color printer. These are printed “on demand”. A template is created with an image, name, catalogue number, email address and optional barcode. Simply print, peel and stick on to the packaging. Easy pie. Make sure you add “Made In America” to your labels. This tells customers that you offer a premium product. There is a quality difference between American-made and foreign-made dies. It’s also a requirement to list country of origin for products sold in the USA.

Videos and Workshops:

Customers need to see you using these dies. Video uplinks to “You Tube” are  easy and common. You don’t need a “Hollywood” production. Digital video cameras are inexpensive, easy to use and simple to upload. Practice a few times and it becomes easier and easier. Just talk out loud to yourself or to a fictitious person watching you. No one is going to laugh or yell at you. Besides, you can’t hear then anyways!! Have fun!!

How to Price Your Product:

Look at the market place for guidelines. If you anticipate expanding and selling to re-sellers, you will need to build discounts into your pricing. With a custom design, you determine price and distribution. With small orders, pricing is profitable but generally not enough to offer discounts. Build your volume and we will discount accordingly. This enterprise is not a race, it’s a marathon!


You may expand your business with your own brand name and compete with any company marketing paper crafting dies.  We have seen scores of companies benefit with new sales. Your business will be more fun and your success will be based on your creative talents.

Dies Direct is dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals with every assistance that you need to make your mark in the industry while promoting the growth and well-being of the industry. There is an entire new world out there waiting for your creative talents.

We wish you every success!