Leather Dies

As any craft enthusiast knows, leather is a particularly difficult material to work with. It’s tough, thick, and resistant to cuts, often leaving you with rough, unattractive edges around the piece being shaped. Anyone who’s worked with it in the past knows the time that leather can consume, and even then the results aren’t guaranteed.

Enter Dies Direct

What you need is a set of quality dies with the strength to deal with leather- sounds impossible for the home crafter, right? Wrong. Now, working with leather and creating unique pieces is easier than ever.

We’re the clear choice to help create your business’s line of custom crafting dies. With Dies Direct, our cutting-edge manufacturing processes and quality control allow our dies to deal with materials that would utterly destroy competing products- like full-grain rawhide leather- and maintain the same level of precise, accurate cuts and lines that you’d expect from paper or fabric.

That’s not all, though. We’ve developed a specialized set of these leather dies specifically for stamping leather, too. This lets your customers transfer intricate patterns, textures, and images onto leather, adding style and substance to any project you’re working on. Just think of the possibilities- boots, clothing, wallets, jewelry, bags, belts- the only limit is the imagination of your customers.

Dies Direct leather dies:

  • Cut accurately and precisely.
  • Stamp detailed patterns with speed.
  • Process leather faster than ever before.
  • Create shapes more detailed than the human hand can manage.
  • Stand up to the heaviest of use.
  • Bring your crafting to the next level- and much much more.

Experience the best crafting dies modern technology can produce, and learn how Dies Direct makes creating detailed, professional designs simple and straightforward. With dies that exhibit the ability to process so many different materials with ease, we’re the clear choice to bring your crafting business into the 21st century.