Deep Etch Dies

Deep Etch Dies are a staple of the crafting world.


It’s nearly impossible these days to find a crafting room without a die cutter. The technology has become ubiquitous, sure, but as in all markets, quality varies wildly per manufacturer.

This is where Dies Direct comes in.

Dies Direct makes it a point to create the highest-quality crafting dies that technology can produce, using the latest methods and equipment. This means that you can be confident that your company’s line of custom dies represents the best possible product- reflecting that quality back on your own business. The versatility of our dies can’t be understated, either. We use specialized techniques to create dies that stand up to the toughest of use, through thousands of cycles and a wide array of materials.

Versatile dies for a versatile business.


Our dies are ideal for quilting, sewing, creating custom textiles, and more- realistically the possibilities are endless in the hands of a creative individual. This allows your company’s line of Dies Direct dies to adapt to your customers’ needs, reacting to changes in style and fashion with ease. Need more versatility?

Our Deep Etch Dies cut paper, too. Or maybe our Standard Etch Dies cut fabric. You get the idea.


You’ll get the same reliable quality and service when ordering from Dies Direct. Your customers will get the same clean, crisp cuts they expect on paper as they do fabric, opening up a world of custom paper creations to their reach. When you work with Dies Direct, you’re working with a team of experts dedicated to the industry- to the craft- who are committed to your and your customers’ success.

Experience the best crafting dies modern technology can produce, and learn how Dies Direct makes creating detailed, professional designs simple and straightforward. With dies that exhibit the ability to process so many different materials with ease, we’re the clear choice to bring your crafting business into the 21st century.